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Item # - SL103 

Price - SOLD

Size - 2 7/8" X 1 15/16"


Ex - Kilander

Ex - Bob Nesius
Ex - Warner

Jackson COA

The Quadraconcave Gorget is made from gorgeous
green banded slate. 


Item # - SL104

Price - SOLD

Size - diameter is 2 1/4"


Ex - Steve Conrad

Very nice fluted ball banner with a worm trail.




Item # - SL105

Price - SOLD

Size - 3 3/4" x 3/4"

Branch Co.  Michigan

Ex - Safranski
Ex - Steve Conrad
Ex - Larry McCray
Ex - Mike Story

This beautiful green banded slate Birdstone was found in
Coldwater, Michigan.  Yes, this is a salvaged bird with some
very interesting grooved lines in it.  The Birdstone is complete
 except for a few chips and the drilled holes which have blown
 out.  The importance of the artifact to the Indian is clear, since
 after the holes blew out, the Indian salvaged the piece by
 engraving grooves in it.  If you're a bird collector, don't
 let this one get away from you.  The artifact comes with
a John Berner COA. 


Slate 1

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